Slope…aka Rate of Change

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Why is SLOPE so important??? Well, it tells us many different things about a situation. Here are a few verrrrry important reasons SLOPE is so important:

  1. It tells us the UNITS being compared                                                                                        EX/ 4/3 apples per oranges, 25 km/hr, 0.05 m/s
  2. We can use slope to understand what happened before and predict what will happen in the future

see below…      ***Very Important*** 

Remember the example from class of the Penguin falling “backwards” off the iceberg? The Slope was -2.5 m/s. The penguin can fall in ANY DIRECTION backwards and the SLOPE will always look the same way on the graph.


Remember SLOPE (The Rate) represents what is happening in real life…BUT the DIRECTION of the slope line depends on if slope is NEGATIVE or POSITIVE. It doesn’t matter if the Penguin falls backwards to the left, center, or to the right…the SLOPE (The Rate) is NEGATIVE!!!!negslope1

Slope Quiz – Let’s see how well you comprehended the idea of SLOPE (Rate of Change)                                      ***Passing Grade is 95%***  Take the quiz as many times as you need to pass it, remember the only thing that matters is that you are learning!      Just click on the link  Slope Quiz and then Fill in your FIRST NAME (class#) and LAST NAME (student#) to get started. EX/ 4, 24 for _________because he is 10424

The Number System

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Here is a quick review of the number system…remember the analogy from class starting with the KIDS (Natural, Whole, Integers, Decimals) and they all come from the MOM (Rational Numbers) and of course we can’t forget about GRANDMA (Real Numbers), and finally MOM’S SISTER (Irrational Numbers).

Feel free to reference the PPT from class as well as the worksheets.            Lesson One – Significant Figures and Decimals        Lesson One – Number Systems Worksheet            Lesson One – Number System and Number Sense



Do you remember what an imaginary number is? (GRANDMA’S Imaginary friend)? Check out the hint belowdownload (1)

We talked about the many reasons why the NUMBER SYSTEM is so important in your life (and especially in Math).

Another important discussion we had in class was about…

  • Writing and Reading Decimal Numbers
  • Understanding the idea of Significant Figures

Use this chart to help you out! Remember to try on your own first, then reference the chart to check your work.




Hello….I’m your new Math Teacher! IMG_20131009_1


This is an exciting day…your 7th Grade Math class begins. I promise this will be different than any math class you have ever taken before. We get to do EXPERIMENTS and ACTIVITIES that are fun and of course help you learn. You will start to understand some of the MOST IMPORTANT concepts in math history. Concepts that will help you master both middle school AND high school math. Lets get started!